About Our Lodge

On December 1, 1864, thirteen Masons assembled in the hall of the Winchendon Baptist Church to lay the ground work for Masonry in in the Town of Winchendon.

At their March 25, 1865 meeting, they approved a motion to raise $500.00 to be used to defray costs of establishing a regular Masonic Lodge in Winchendon.

The name “Artisan Lodge” was approved unanimously on March 30, 1865. At the meetings of April 3rd and 8th, 1865, the first slate of officers of Artisan Lodge were duly nominated and elected as follows:

  • Master: John G. Folsom
  • Senior Warden: Francis W. White
  • Junior Warden: Wilder P. Clark
  • Treasurer: W. N. White
  • Secretary: Alphonse A. Ballou
  • Senior Deacon: L. J. Wilkinson
  • Junior Deacon: Alarie A. Boyce
  • Marshall: Edwin Sawtelle
  • Tyler: David Harvey

The decade beginning in 1920 saw the most vigorous growth in the history of the Lodge. Annual returns show an increase of sixty-three brothers by the end of 1930, achieving the highest number of members (169) in the history of the Lodge.

Incorporation papers were taken out in May 1976 (approved March 2, 1978), for the establishment of the Winchendon Masonic Charitable and Educational Society.

The primary purpose for which the corporation was formed was to accept the very generous gift by Brother Edwin H. Merrill of ten acres of land upon which to erect a suitable building to serve as a Masonic Temple in the Town of Winchendon.

Formal groundbreaking exercises were held on June 11, 1979, with M. W. Arthur H. Melanson, Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts presiding. Under the guiding hands of Wor. Frank J. Rota, the building rose rapidly.

The foundation walls were poured on June 6, 1979 and the entire building was completed in time for the installation of officers on September 15, 1980.

This magnificent edifice is representative of the highest honor we can bestow upon those who contributed so generously of their time, their labor and their love for Freemasonry.

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons in Winchendon